Ben Magnone- Founder/Coach

Born in Arizona and raised in Northern California, I grew up in the East Bay where I lived until I was 18; at which time I shipped off to college to play Basketball in Lubbock Texas. After two different sports at 5 different schools, it wasn't until I decided to transfer to APU to finish up my senior year with my brother Matt that I landed in the LA area. Following undergrad I went back for my MBA and joined the corporate world with AT&T. I have been with them going on 4 years and love it, but perhaps didn't find my true love until a little over two years ago when I first found CrossFit. Having been a two sport collegiate athlete, it was the competition aspect that attracted me at first. CrossFit fulfilled a desire in me to compete that I didn't even realize I still had. Eventually though, it was the community that won me over. Now having found a passion for everything CrossFit, it is a dream come true to be opening CrossFit Montrose.


Chris Kim- Coach

The names Kim, Chris Kim. Known as Lift Hungry, aka the Donut King, among my fellow food lovers. I have been coaching for over 3 years now and my passion for fitness will never die. Witnessing and being a part of another persons fitness journey by being their coach is the most rewarding experience there is. My life motto will always be, “Live life to the fullest, never regret the past, and look forward for the future.”



May Pabalan- Coach

May is from Los Angeles, CA and was born in Manila, Philippines. Her love for Crossfit started when a gym trainer introduced her to the sport back in 2011. Best believe, it was love at first sight. She loved training the unknown and the high intensity level of Crossfit. May started learning the foundation of Crossfit out of a gym garage. Eventually, she decided to join a box to get more out of what Crossfit has to offer and one of them is the amazing camaraderie that cannot be found in other gyms. May has always been active and competitively driven. Besides Crossfit, May has participated in other sports throughout the years. She played Rugby, a full contact team sport that require players to have a high level of power and strength. For 4 years, she studied the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. During her youth, she got into track and field, kickball, drill team and bowling. May’s passion for Crossfit also motivated her to do more for the community. She made the decision to pursue becoming a Crossfit coach so she can share the knowledge she learned over the years and also to help push people beyond their limit. Nothing makes her more happy than when members come and thank her for giving them the push they need to get through to the workout.



Matt Magnone- Co-Founder

I grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Azusa when I was 18 to attend APU. I enjoyed it there so much that after I graduated I decided to stick around and get my MBA. In 2009 I moved to Portland Oregon where I married my beautiful wife Jenny. It was in Portland that we joined a kettle bell gym and I first discovered how much fun and effective group fitness training is. I fell in love with the concept and the community of the gym immediately. Before that I was your classic globo gym customer that always had a membership but never enjoyed going. It always seemed monotonous and boring to me. We joined our first CrossFit gym in 2012, after moving back to California, and haven’t looked back since. CrossFit has become a passion for Ben and I and we are so excited to open CrossFit Montrose.

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Mary Menke-Coach

Mary grew up in Sacramento, CA and transplanted to Southern CA in 2017 to be closer to family. 
Mary rowed crew in college at Orange Coast College and graduated with a D1 Rowing scholarship from Sacramento State in 2015. 
Just one week after her championship regatta in New Jersey, Mary started doing CrossFit. She quickly fell in love with it and earned her L1 in 2019 so she can help her fellow athletes deepen their understanding of movement and their bodies’ capabilities. 
When Mary is not at the gym, she can be found hiking a trail with her quirky dog Duncan. 



 Meg Mudge- Coach/Barbell Coach

I love Crossfit! It has changed my life from the inside out.

I started my fitness journey after I had my 4 kids. I was looking for a way to loose “the baby” weight. I was doing P90x, Insanity, and Rush Fit on a computer in my kitchen. I knew I wanted something more and then my brother told me about Crossfit. I looked Crossfit up and was amazed at how strong the women were. I thought there was no way I could fit, going to a gym/box into my life with 4 kids, but when there is a will there is a way! I found out Crossfit is also a family environment. I was able to take all 4 of my kids and make it work. A side benefit is having them exposed to the fitness world!

I love how Crossfit helped me build my confidence! I realized I wanted to be able to help others feel the same. I became a Crossfit coach in 2013. I have since also found my passion in Olympic Weightlifting and personal training. I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey!



Shannon Denney- Coach

I went to my first CrossFit class at CrossFit Montrose in March 2019 because I wanted to try something new but mostly because I wanted to find a nearby community of like-minded people. Being an ex-college athlete, I appreciate the feeling of having a goal that I am working towards each workout, that I can compete against others and my previous scores, and I love that community feeling. 

I have been a personal trainer since 2012 in Anaheim, Australia, Madison, and Santa Clarita. My goal as a trainer is to make everyone feel like they are "meant to workout" and that they fit in. I think form is SO important as well as making workouts something to look forward to. 

When I am not at the gym, you can find me traveling (I LOVE to travel!), laying by the beach, or hitting the slopes.