Ben Magnone

Born in Arizona and raised in Northern California, I grew up in the East Bay where I lived until I was 18; at which time I shipped off to college to play Basketball in Lubbock Texas. After two different sports at 5 different schools, it wasn't until I decided to transfer to APU to finish up my senior year with my brother Matt that I landed in the LA area. Following undergrad I went back for my MBA and joined the corporate world with AT&T. I have been with them going on 4 years and love it, but perhaps didn't find my true love until a little over two years ago when I first found CrossFit. Having been a two sport collegiate athlete, it was the competition aspect that attracted me at first. CrossFit fulfilled a desire in me to compete that I didn't even realize I still had. Eventually though, it was the community that won me over. Now having found a passion for everything CrossFit, it is a dream come true to be opening CrossFit Montrose.



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Matt Magnone

I grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Azusa when I was 18 to attend APU. I enjoyed it there so much that after I graduated I decided to stick around and get my MBA. In 2009 I moved to Portland Oregon where I married my beautiful wife Jenny. It was in Portland that we joined a kettle bell gym and I first discovered how much fun and effective group fitness training is. I fell in love with the concept and the community of the gym immediately. Before that I was your classic globo gym customer that always had a membership but never enjoyed going. It always seemed monotonous and boring to me. We joined our first CrossFit gym in 2012, after moving back to California, and haven’t looked back since. CrossFit has become a passion for Ben and I and we are so excited to open CrossFit Montrose.