Come join us on January 12th as we host the kick off for the Crossfit Montrose whole life challenge. We will be meeting at the gym at 9:30am 1/12/19 to go ever the rules of the challenge. If you are interested in joining or finding out more info please check out the link below..



This memorial day, Monday May 25th we will be celebrating all military with the Memorial Day Murph WOD. Come join us at 10am for our only WOD of the day and hang around after the workout for some BBQ and beverages as we come together as a gym to remember and celebrate. Depending on how many people come out we will be staggering the starts of individuals. Set aside about and hour for this grueling WOD. The work out it named after Lieutenant Michael Murphy. We did this last year and had a great turn out, and are very much looking forward to this great opportunity to hang out with our amazing community once again. 

Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy lost his life in June 2005 during a mission to kill or capture a Taliban leader hiding in the hills of Afghanistan's Kunar Province. Trapped in a firefight behind enemy lines, the Navy Seal was gunned down after he abandoned cover in an effort to call for backup. His body was recovered on Independence Day and he was posthumously honored with 14 service medals, including Medal of Honor, Silver Star, and Purple Heart.

The WOD is 
1 Mile Run 
100 Pull Ups 
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats 
1 Mile Run
*Rxs Is completed with a 20lb weight vest, and there is no time cap

This will be our only class of the day!!!

AuthorBen Magnone

The 5am class has arrived! Starting Tuesday, April 28th our very own Krista Carrillo will be piloting the new 5am class. This class will take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5am. Depending on how the class does we may be adding more days. But get in and get your grind on early now as we are very excited to be launching this class and there is a lot of buzz around it.

AuthorBen Magnone