Starting a workout program is a HUGE step towards seeking a life of health and vitality, but it is only a piece to the puzzle of optimum health. What you are fueling your body with is just as important to maintaining a long life without disease and ailments as what you are doing physically with your body.


 Did you know that the way a person looks on the outside is directly related to the level of health their body is experiencing on the inside? For example, carrying extra weight around the midsection can be commonly referred to as an "insulin indicator belt". This is because the inches around your waistline are related to the amount of insulin your pancreas is being asked to produce. A larger waistline signifies that your pancreas is being overworked! Having a larger waistline puts you at a higher risk for diabetes. Visceral fat (or fat around your organs) is usually due to hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance often times involves an excess of insulin. We like to say "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym." In order to get that six pack you're looking for, you need to combine an appropriate functional fitness program with a diet that balances hormones like insulin. 


Did you know acne can be a sign of an overgrowth of microorganisms (microscopic living organisms) living in your digestive tract? People have been able to cure their acne by simply cleaning up their diet, in turn clearing away the pathogenic microorganisms in their intestines. Acne can also be a sign that the person is eating a diet that contains multiple food intolerances. Signs of a food intolerance or allergen also include: headaches, joint pain, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, depression, anxiety, water retention, etc. Many health ailments like these are signs of inflammation in the body due to a toxic or insufficient diet. Health ailments can come about from deficiencies in nutrients, but they can also come about through a diet riddled with food intolerances or food allergens. If you are starting a workout regimen, be sure to make an effort to clean up your diet as well. 


To optimize your diet, first implement an elimination diet, while making sure you address any nutrient deficiencies as well. An elimination diet not only removes foods that a person is intolerant to or allergic to, but it also addresses removing foods that may be feeding harmful microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, parasites, and fungus in the digestive tract, skin, and tissues. We want our clients to experience the highest quality of life possible which we believe can be achieved by proper fitness and fuel! 

- Jenny Magnone

AuthorBen Magnone