Salad ingredients:

Red and green spinach leaves

Pecan halves

Hard boiled eggs

Cooked Bacon

Freeze dried strawberries


Bacon Vinaigrette ingredients: 

1 chopped shallots

4 slices un-cooked bacon cut into 1 inch strips

3 T red wine vinegar

Sea salt and pepper to taste


1. Place 4 strips of bacon (cut) into pan and cook until crisp.

2. Add shallots and saute along with bacon strips. Cook until shallots are transparent.

2. Remove from heat and let cool for two minutes.

3. Add vinegar and scrape bottom of pan to loosen bacon bits. 

4. Season with salt and pepper.  

5. Place all salad ingredients in a bowl and pour dressing over the too.  


AuthorMatt Magnone