Guess what! In case you haven't heard, coffee is ALLOWED on the Whole 30 plan!!! If you're used to having your coffee with cream or milk, there's an alternative that's yummier and healthier (and Whole 30 approved)! It's called Bulletproof coffee and it has the right amount of fats to kick your metabolism into high gear and fuel your body (especially your brain)!!! In fact, if you are trying to burn fat, you can start your morning off with just this coffee and no breakfast.

There are enough nutrients and calories in this coffee drink to get your metabolism started, but because it has no carbohydrates or protein, it keeps your body in a "pseudo-fasting" state which is great for using up fat stores! Much research has shown that "intermittent fasting" (usually referring to fasting for 12 to 16 hours per day) has amazing fat burning benefits in addition to decreasing your risk for diabetes and decreasing disease markers like c reactive proteins, etc. Drinking this coffee in the morning instead of breakfast, will help you stay on an intermittent fasting plan. (It does of course partner well with a Whole 30 approved breakfast too if you aren't interested in intermittent fasting). 


Here's the recipe!  

1-2 T ghee butter  

1-2 T coconut oil

1-2 Cups coffee

Blend all of this together on high in a blender until it gets frothy! Enjoy! 


Note: Most coffee is riddled with toxins like mold and fungus due to the way the beans are harvested and roasted. We recommend using the brand "Bulletproof Coffee" because they use harvesting and roasting that minimizes toxins and fungus/mold as much as possible. You can purchase the coffee at

Also, ghee butter must be used while on the Whole 30 plan, but Kerrygold butter can be used otherwise. It is yummier than ghee and it's grass-fed!! 

AuthorMatt Magnone