Here is a list of borderline foods that need to be used with caution on the Whole 30 Challenge:

1. Almond flour (and other nut flours and coconut flour): These are allowed, but are NOT to be used to make muffins, cookies, pancakes, bread, pizza, tortillas, biscuits, etc. The idea of the Whole 30 Challenge is to break you of the habit to eat these "comfort foods". These flours can be used to dust "breaded" chicken and thicken sauces though. 

2. Nut milks and coconut milk: If these are used, they should be homemade to avoid the nasty thickeners that are added to store bought brands. 

3. Bacon: Only technically allowed if it doesn't contain sugar.

4. Potatoes: All types of potatoes are allowed as of August 2014!!!! However, if you're insulin resistant or overweight you should avoid this high starch food.

5. Dark Chocolate: Only if it's 100% with no sweetener. Cacao is allowed if it is 100%.  

6. Mayonnaise: Only if it's homemade. (Recipe in the next post.) 

7. Mustard: Make sure there's no sweeteners or white wine added. 

8. Peanuts: Nope. All legumes are off limits.  

9. Protein shakes: Nope, not allowed. The only exception is egg white protein with no sweeteners and no additives or thickeners.  

10. Smoothies: Technically allowed, but discouraged. Any food that's drinkable is not a good idea.  

AuthorMatt Magnone