1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1/2 c baby carrots

1/4 c water chestnuts

1/2 c mushrooms

1/2 onion

1/2 c snow peas

1/2 c bamboo shoots

1 head cauliflower, chopped into florets (discard the core)

1 T minced ginger

1 garlic clove, minced

10 pieces bacon

2 eggs

1 lb grass-fed beef, cubed

coconut aminos to taste  


1. Place bacon in 12 inch sauté pan and cook over medium heat until crispy. Transfer cooked bacon to a plate lined with paper towels to drain the excess grease.  Pour off all but 1 T. of bacon grease from the pan into a glass. (You will use the bacon grease left in the pan and the grease poured in the glass later.) When the bacon has cooled, cut it into small pieces. 

2. Place the pan with 1 T. bacon grease over medium-high heat. Add the beef chunks, ginger and garlic clove and heat until all the beef is almost cooked through. Cut and clean all other veggies in the meantime. 

3. When the beef is almost cooked through, add the two eggs to the pan of beef, ginger, and garlic and scramble the eggs in the pan. Heat until the eggs and beef are completely cooked through and slightly browned. Remove all the contents from the sauté pan (including the juices) by pouring into a dish. Place 1 T of bacon grease from the glass into the sauté pan and heat until melted. 

4. While the grease is heating, place cauliflower florets in a food processor and chop until they get to the consistency of rice.  

5. When the grease is melted, add all veggies, including cauliflower. Cook on medium high until veggies and cauliflower rice are browned. 

6. Add the beef, ginger, garlic, and eggs back to the sauté pan and heat with the rest of the ingredients for 2-3 minutes. 

7. Serve with crumbled bacon on top and use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. You may also add sea salt and pepper before serving.



AuthorMatt Magnone