Surprising problems caused by sleeping on one's side…

Click above for the full article on Dr. Peter Martone’s findings and research as to why sleeping on your side isn’t as good as once thought. I have always known that stomach sleeping wasn’t healthy, but I have never heard of side sleeping pitfalls. This was an interestig read……

  • 90% of Peter's patients have some type of damage to their cervical curve in the neck

  • We lose the curve doing day to day activities, and there's nothing to repair it at night

  • 98% of patients who lose the curve in their neck develop an unnatural curve in their lower back

  • This eventually leads to scoliosis in the lower back

  • The vermis portion of the brain: main function is to control the body's proprioception

    • 80% of proprioception into the brain comes from the spinal cord

    • The vermis atrophies due to loss of proprioception

    • It affects the pre-frontal cortex (executive functioning)

  • Decreasing the curve in the spine severely limits glymphatic drainage

  • Why we toss and turn at night:

    • Pain centers and nerve centers are very close together

    • When you fall asleep on your side, you can only stay in that position for a short period of time

    • Body should be in a “neutral sleeping position”

    • Alcohol inhibits pain sensors. You stay in the same position longer and wake up in pain

  • OURA ring

  • If you didn't get all that, get this: Loss of the cervical curve = degeneration of the spine. It also causes the vermis to atrophy, which negatively affects the pre-frontal cortex. Side sleeping causes pain and discomfort, which in turn affects the quality of our sleep.

  • The advantages of sleeping on the back versus the side or stomach…

    • Use a pillow for the neck rather than the head

    • Restore the cervical curve and decrease lumbar tension

AuthorBen Magnone