The fact is, the modern-day immunity marketplace is flooded with supplements and herbal formulas claiming to cure the common cold overnight or to make the human body heavily guarded to illness, but it is quite difficult to sift through the bold marketing and fake supplements. But you’re now equipped with everything you know to defy the odds of getting sick and create an unstoppable immune system via the use of movement strategies that can be employed immediately, stacked with research-proven but little-known supplement, food and lifestyle strategies.

Should your head be spinning with the wide variety of ways you can support your immune system, here’s a simple example of how to weave many of the strategies you’ve just discovered into a cold and flu season protocol:

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-Eat a wide variety of fermented foods. Introduce many of the new ones you’ve discovered in this article into your diet (I particularly recommend teaching yourself how to make the wonderful coconut yogurt from Dr. William Davis).

-Place several drops of Thieves into an essential oil diffuser in the office, home and bedroom and run the diffuser all day long.

-Supplement each morning with a handful of colostrum capsules, a teaspoon of mushrooms, a dropperful of oregano into a glass of water, or all three. Take a shot of Restore prior to each of your daily meals.

-Have a piping hot cup of organic bone broth with lunch or dinner. This is another beverage that is simple to add additional immune support to by stirring in medicinal mushrooms.

-If you’re exposed to sickness, continue using the strategies above, but also sip on elderberry juice or use elderberry tincture three times a day, along with daily use of zinc lozengesvitamin C, and echinacea.

-Whether you’re sick or not, don’t stop moving. Try to engage in low-level physical activity, even if it’s just an easy walk in the sunshine or a bit of bouncing up and down on a trampoline. If you’re too sick to move, consider resting with infrared blankets, an infrared sauna or a Biomat to keep lymph fluid circulating.

AuthorBen Magnone