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No matter your preference for exercising (pilates, crossfit, yoga, traditional gym training, running, HIIT, functional fitness, etc.), adding at least 2-3 strength training days to your routine will benefit your overall health and performance.

According to this review, resistance training can benefit bone mineral density, lipoprotein profiles, glycemic control, body composition, symptoms of frailty, metabolic syndrome risk factors, and cardiovascular disease markers. It also points out that resistance training can improve psychosocial health, including sense of coherence, perceived stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

…….One study shows that “chronic resistance exercise improves all aspects of sleep, with the greatest benefit for sleep quality,” and another says that “resistance training effectively attenuates cardiac dysfunction and hormonal imbalance induced by paradoxical sleep deprivation” (2,3). Moms, especially new moms, absolutely experience challenging days with interrupted sleep cycles. This is like killing two birds with one stone: lifting weights can improve sleep quality and help with symptoms induced by poor sleep hygiene, such as hormonal imbalance – a major trigger for many women’s health issues.

AuthorBen Magnone