30 min Nutrition Consultation- $50

30 min Consultation + full Nutrition write-up with follow up-$75/hour

3 month Nutrition Coaching package-$200/month

(includes weekly food journal review, weigh-ins/measurements, email back and forth guides, grocery store tour, and other things….)

  • Changing your diet is much more complex than it seems. There are a lot of engrained ideas that you don’t even realize you have about nutrition, emotional attachment you have to certain food(s), and a LOT of social pressures to take you off your path. Most people already know what they should eat to some extent. People need a Coach/Nutrition Specialist keeping them accountable, keeping them positive, celebrating their achievements, and actual data driven change rewarding them for their efforts.

  • Without Nutrition in Crossfit, or any kind of fitness program, you can only really go so far. You need both components to have success in terms of how your body looks AND how your body performs in the gym.

  • We are not strictly interested in supporting our athletes for one hour a day that they’re in the gym. We want to support them the 23 hours of the day that they are not in the gym!

  • Remember, you CAN’T out exercise a bad diet!

  • The right changes to your Nutrition can cause profound improvements in your:

    Sleep patterns

    Energy levels

    Skin quality


    Output in the gym

    Bowel movements

Excellent Programs are rooted in 2 things:

  1. Accountability- whatever goal/standard is set, hold to it.

  2. Planning- knowing WHAT/WHEN/HOW MUCH to eat.

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