A Prenatal and Postpartum athlete requires a higher level of attention, programming intuition and support from her coach.

With the right trainers, Crossfit can be done during pregnancy for most woman! Make sure to check with your doctor before you start a new workout regimen and TRUST your body (Mama intuition is real).

Personal testimony: I walked/hiked, did Crossfit, and machine pilates all before I was pregnant. Therefore, I knew that continuing these activities was not only safe, but a good game plan for an active and healthy pregnancy.

Having said that, I did need to implement different scaling strategies throughout each trimester, and that can look very different for each Mama. I had pretty significant DR (diastasis recti) so from the beginning of the pregnancy I stayed away from movements that really turned on my core or caused me “to brace” or maintain improper intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) heavily with my abdominals. These exercises included: planks, any crunches, pull-ups (even strict ones), handstands, any kipping movements, and isometric holds to name a few. Unfortunately this isn’t the complete list of movements to that I avoided, and there were quite a few more. It might sound like I was pretty limited in movements I could do, but I didn’t find that to be true. I focused on strengthening my posterior chain to support the front weight I was carrying and did specific movements to improve the strength of my pelvic floor (side note* working with a pelvic floor PT was the best decision I made during pregnancy). The biggest benefit of staying active throughout the pregnancy was that it alleviated a ton of aches and pains that are often talked about during pregnancy- lower back pain, discomfort/swelling standing too long, and many more.

Benefits of Exercise While Pregnant…

  • Woman who exercise during pregnancy have reduced weight gain/fat deposit during pregnancy

  • Have fewer discomforts during pregnancy

  • Report a more rapid physical/emotional recovery from delivery

  • Tend to have easier, shorter, less complicated labors

  • Have less need for pain relief during labor and have more stamina during labor

  • Increased aerobic capacity, Increased energy levels

  • Decreased susceptibility to illness

Babies of Exercising Moms…

  • Have significant lower heart rates than babies of exercising moms

  • Are better able to cope with the stress of birth

  • Have a greater ability to adapt to life outside the uterus

  • Are more healthy at birth

  • Sleep through the night sooner

  • Are better able to self-soothe

  • Score higher on tests of general intelligence and oral language skills

  • Have decreased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease later in life

CFM Coaches- Are here to help you modify workouts as needed, reassess your Crossfit goals, as just be there for you as you get back into your fitness routine.

Coach Cassidy Magnone- is a Birthfit Coach, L1/L2 CF trainer, Nutritionist and has personal experience modifying movements throughout pregnancy. Birthfit coaches live and breathe the four pillars of Birthfit as they serve and lead woman in the community.

The FOUR PILLARS of Birthfit are: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Connection.

What is Birthfit? Click here to read more about it.


1 on 1 private training- $75/hour

  • includes assessment of Diastasis Recti for all Prenatal/Postpartum Mama populations

  • goal setting for each/every stage of the motherhood transition

  • reviewing proper scaling for movements

  • programmed workouts

*Important note* Whether during pre-conception, pregnancy, or post-partum if you have ANY incontinence or leaking during jumping, running, jump rope, box jumps, or lifting heavy weight THIS IS COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL. It is, however, a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. It could be a result of a weak PF or an overactive (hypertrophic) pelvic floor.