10 AM Class ONLY!!!
Labor Day Team WOD

In Teams of 3 complete as many reps as possible

Two partners work while one person does the plate hold
50 Medball Cleans (20/14) 

Partner holds plate 25/10 overhead
50 Medball O.H. Squats (20/14)
Partner holds plate 25/10 O.H. in the bottom of a lunge
50 Sit Ups
Partner holds plate (25/10) on shins 6″ of ground while laying on back in a leg raise

50 Wall Balls 20/14
Partner holds plate 25/10 in the bottom of the front squat

50 Burpees
Partner holds the push-up position(plank) plate 25/10 on back
**Floater 7 mintues to accumulate maximum number of Calories on rower
***Partners can only work while the plate hold is taking place. If the plate ever leaves the hold position it is a 200m run penalty. 

AuthorBen Magnone